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clothes washing powder| Major distributors and famous brands of washing powder

Developing the communities and its needs to improve quality of life has led the people to pay more attention to their cleaning. By reason of that, many different types of detergent were widely produced. Among these different detergents, there are some powerful cleaner powders which are known as clothes washing powders.
As known, clothes washing powder has a higher sweating power and it is better to use them in case of much dirty and thick clothes.
Bleaching is an important ingredient in the chemical compounds of these powders, which also has a high cleansing power for the powder. Powders are not good for washing clothes that are not so much dirty. Therefore, these powders are packed with care warnings and the consumption rate is more precisely mentioned.
clothes washing powder| Major distributors and famous brands of washing powder

most prominent brands and manufacturers of washing powder

most prominent brands and manufacturers of washing powderConsidering the people’s demand to buy different kinds of detergents, many companies and producers tried to extend their productions. It is really important for the manufacturers to produce a suitable product with high quality and good prices.
Although many companies have their commercial activities in washing powder production, there are some prominent companies and brands which customers can easily trust. The following are most famous and prominent brands which produce washing powders.
Tide laundry detergents, Persil, Seventh
Generation, all, Gaun, Arm and Hammer, Tide Simply Clean, Purex,
Woolite, Ecos laundry detergents are other popular and dominant brands

most important washing powder qualities

most important washing powder qualitiesPrior to use any kind of washing powder, it is significantly important to consider the qualities of them. It is because of noticeable effects of these powders on our daily life. We wash our clothes by these powder detergents and deal with them everyday. They must not contain harmful ingredients for our bodies. In case of any dangerous and harmful substance, it will penetrate to the texture of the clothes and then, these damaging substances will remain on that. When wearing the clothes, these harmful substances can cause damage if they contact the body.
One of the most important reasons relating to insisting on using standard washing powders, is because of probable problems in case of contacting harmful substances with body. Thus, it is significantly crucial to prevent using non-standard washing powders. Fortunately, all the standard washing powders are provided based on health requirements.
Furthermore, non-standard washing powder due to containing detrimental enzymes, can remarkably damage to the texture of the clothes.

where to buy clothes washing powder in Iran

where to buy clothes washing powder in IranIn recent years, Iranian producers have introduced many different brands with diversity in details and their application. Similar to foreign brands, there are some companies and manufacturers that produce washing powders with high quality.
To buy clothes washing powder, it is enough to enter one store among the thousands of thousands store in all over the country. Usually, all the stores and shopping centers buy standard and famous brands and provide the customers what they require.
Beside the traditional shopping, it is possible to find any kind of detergent, especially clothes washing powder, on the net. Indeed, online markets and websites provide each product with its details, properties and prices. It helps the customers compare different washing powders and choose their demanded product.

clothes washing powder price range 2019

clothes washing powder price range 2019Similar to other countries, there are several companies and manufacturers that produce washing powders. They sell their products in different types and qualities and this causes different prices. To know the prices, it is enough to go the stores and shopping centers that supply washing powders. Moreover, different websites and online markets introduce the washing powder products with their details and prices.
As example, the price range of 500g packs of cold water washing powder that are suitable for hand-washing is from 3500 to 4500 Tomans. On the other hand, the prices of 500g packs of washing powders for washing machines are a bit higher. This range is mostly from  4000 to 5500 Tomans.

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