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detergent powder making formula| The most natural and strong powder

Considering the high-rate of population increase and importance of health cares, many requirements have been considered by people during last decades. Besides the people, several companies and industries decided to focus on generating and optimizing the products which had direct relationship with people’s life and their health cares.
Now days, the necessity of cleaning the clothes can not be ignored easily and based on that, many tried to supply suitable products to support this idea.
Among all these aspects, hundreds of hundreds companies manufactured washing powders or detergent powders to help people clean their cloths and stuffs easily.
The most notable and important factor to produce these products is actually detergent powder making formula that any manufacturers chooses. It is the main difference between companies that indicates the quality and efficiency of any detergent powder. Thus, if a brand is famous in the world, it would used the best formula to produce its products with high quality.

detergent powder making formula| The most natural and strong powder

Best powder manufacturer in Asia

Best powder manufacturer in AsiaThere are several companies and manufacturers in case of producing, supplying and trading detergent powders. As known, many famous washing powder producers are involved over the world and they have branches in many countries, such as Asian countries. Although the famous international brands are in Asia, it does not mean that Asian manufacturers are not prominent in the Asian countries. In recent years, many outstanding Asian companies supplied and sold high-quality detergent powder products, even they could export them to other countries, especially to American and European countries.
Based on the Asian markets statistics, the best washing powder manufacturers can be found in China. The online markets are now full of Chinese brands.

detergent powder making formula

detergent powder making formulaDetergent powders are made from many different ranges of chemical substances and this combinations lead to a strong and effective product to clean the clothes, while it is safe for body and texture of clothes.
One of the main and important substances that are used in producing detergent powders, are enzymes.
“Enzymes” are protein molecules that, due to their catalytic nature, can decompose many of the protein, fat, and non-fatty patches that are resistant to detergents.
“Builders” include the main components of washing powder detergent and increase the efficiency of Surfactant washing. Constituents should disable water soluble ions (calcium and magnesium) (water softening) and prevent any reaction with Surfactants.
Although the main
powder formula is same, each producer tries to research, optimize and develop this formula to improve the quality of products and win the competitive markets.

detergent powder wholesale and major sellers

detergent powder wholesale and major sellersSimilar to any product, the detergent powder prices will be
significantly lower if they are supplied as wholesale. Based on the
quality and brands, the prices are different.
To know the detailed information and prices, many websites and online markets are available. On these online markets, you can easily find the major sellers and companies that supply and trade detergent powders over the world and many countries.
The companies like Persil, Omo, Purex, Softlan, Home care,and etc and also Shanghai Yinghao, Shanxi Nafine Ecommerce, Shijiazhuang Tangju Trading Co, Zhongshan Richeng Washing Producton, and etc are famous brands in world and China respectively.

detergent powder price list in China

detergent powder price list in ChinaAny company declares its products prices based on the quality and its popularity of brand. As mentioned, China is considered as one of the biggest producers and manufacturers of washing and detergent powders in the the world, especially among Asian countries.
To find the price list of detergent powders, it is enough to visit the manufacturers websites and it can help the customers to find demanded products in details.
For example, Alibaba is presenting many different Chinese brands every single day. The price lists can be different based on type and quality of detergent powders, in retail or wholesale.
In case of ordering at least 10 tons of bulk detergent powder, it will cost 200 to 600 US Dollars per ton. Moreover, when buying minimum 8000 packs of 1000-g washing powder, its price will be 0.4 to 0.7 US Dollars for each pack.

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