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detergent powder manufacturer| Details and major tips for making powder

In recent decades, the development of knowledge and experience and the development of new products, the use of detergents has expanded for personal health and industrial applications. This increase in consumption, in turn, has created environmental problems and water pollution, resulting in changes in the ingredients of these compounds.
On the other hand, using the washing powders has been remarkably increased over the world and many manufacturers are supplying these products for the customers.
All above, reveal the importance of considering requirements prior to producing the detergent powders. Based on the significant issues relating to environmental or pollution aspects. By reason of that, detergent powder manufacturers have strongly tried to supply and produce the most suitable products with higher qualities.detergent powder manufacturer| Details and major tips for making powder

detergent powder manufacturing process step by step

detergent powder manufacturing process step by stepDetergent powder manufacturing process include different steps. These steps are such as spray drying, agglomeration, dry mixing or combinations of these methods. The remarkable points are stated as below:
All the dry and liquid ingredients should firstly be combined into a slurry, or tick suspension, in a tank which is called Crutcher when using sulfate drying process .
The existing slurry must be heated and pumped to top of the high pressure tower. Under this pressure, the tower sprays the heated slurry through the nozzles in order to produce small droplets. These small droplets fall through a current of hot air, forming hollow granules
as they dry. At the
bottom of the spray tower, much dried granules are usually accumulated. After collecting the dried granules, to achieve a relatively uniform size, they should be screened. The granules should be cooled. Then, heat sensitive ingredients that are
not compatible with the spray drying temperatures (such as bleach,
enzymes, and fragrance) should be prepared to add. In case of using traditional spray drying, it is probable that relatively low-density powders to be produced.

To achieve higher
densities, new models of technology helped the
detergent industry to reduce
the air inside the granules during spray drying. It causes better and more efficient packing when possessing
higher density powders. Indeed, higher density powders can be packed in much smaller

Agglomeration includes blending dry raw materials with liquid ingredients. As known, agglomeration causes higher density powders. To form larger particles, rolling or shear mixing can make the
ingredients collide and adhere to each other.

To blend dry raw materials, different procedures can be considered. As example, dry mixing or dry blending is usually used to blend. Besides that, small amounts of liquids may also be added to improve the properties of mixture..


best detergent powder manufactures in term of costs

best detergent powder manufactures in term of costsAs an obvious policy, the higher quality achieved when a products is more expensive. Indeed, if you are looking for better and stronger washing powders, you should pay more.
Although higher qualities are usually more expensive, it doesn’t mean that each expansive product is good and suitable one. Thus, it is really important to find those companies or manufacturers that supply and present appropriate washing powders, while their prices are reasonable and acceptable.

detergent powder wholesale in Iran

detergent powder wholesale in IranMany Iranian companies and producers supply and wholesale detergent powders on the markets. These companies provide the opportunity for customers with large-scales uses in an appropriate price. It is easy to find the companies and manufacturers that wholesale their products.
The famous and popular companies that usually wholesale detergent powder are such as Darya, Barf, Persil, Taj, and etc. It is enough to visit their website or online markets to find out about the wholesales and its prices.

detergent powder price list directory

detergent powder price list directoryOne of concerns relating to buying detergent powders, is choosing the best product among several similar products.
To solve this problem, there are several online markets and websites that help the customers choose their demanded products and compare the details and prices.
Moreover, the majority of detergent powder companies have their own branches or websites that can be useful to be informed about the prices.

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